Mobile Forensic Tools



User-friendly requires minimal training

Fast logical acquisition up to 4GB of data per minute

Search for keywords and hash values during acquisition

Perform a quick review of the data using the picture gallery, video frames, comprehensive filters, VICS/CAID auto-categorization, data de-duplication and white-list elimination

Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data using the visual classification, timeline view, and view links between files of interest and user activities.

Create a custom report with tagged data and export reports in PDF, HTML, CSV or VICS formats

Share reports with investigators and prosecutors using ADF’s Standalone Viewer


(DEI) software is the #1 automated digital forensic tool for collecting files and artifacts - with evidence presented in a timeline view.

Automated / Easy-to-Learn How to Collect Digital Evidence

Rapid Artifact & File Collection

Out-of-the-Box Forensic Scans

Highly Configurable to Build Your Case

Standalone Report Viewer (share with prosecutors!)

Can be deployed with our Triage-Investigator® software

Upgrade to PRO to add iOS/Android capabilities with Mobile Device Investigator®


Triage- Investigation is easy to use, easily configurable, supports a wide array of computer. Hardware, has powerful boot capabilities, is forensically sound, and comes with technical support an regular upgrades.

Automated/ Easy to Learn with Pre-set Scans

Rapid Artifact & File Collection with Out-of-the-box forensic Scans

Highly Configurable to build your case

Standalone report viewer

Should be deployed with at least 1 copy of Digital Evidence Investigator software.


Triage-G2® now with Rosoka Entity Extraction and Gisting capabilities is ADF's award-winning media exploitation tool deployed by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide. The tool has a proven track record supporting site exploitation operations (including DOMEX, MEDEX, Tactical Media Exploitation, and bio-metric identity).

Designed for non-technical operators with a simple 2- step process, Triage-G2® will rapidly scan, extract, and analyse critical intelligence from computers and digital devices. The tool can be deployed in the field for reconnaissance on a small, portable USB key.

5. Rosoka Add-ON

Integrated with ADF, Rosoka performs Entity Extraction and Language Identification to provide an English gloss (Gisting) for over 200 languages with built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP). There is no need to load separate dictionaries, or even know beforehand what language(s) are contained within your documents. The ADF Rosoka Add-on will not only tell you what languages are there, but will give you an English gloss to give you better insight for better decisions.

The Rosoka Add-on (Beta): Identifies over 40 different entity types Simultaneous extraction in over 230+ different languages Powerful Gisting / Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities built-in.


Features of MobilEdit

Logical Acquisition
Advanced application analysis
Retrieve deleted data
Phone unlocking
Physical acquisition
Easy to use UI
Camera Ballistics
iCloud Analyzer
Reports in any language
Photo Recognition
Face Matcher

Mobiledit extraction methodology

Camera Ballistics is a unique software product that uses advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to determine if a photo was truly taken by a suspected camera or not.

Mobiledit supports physical as well as logical data acquisition methods

Key Benefits

Advanced application analyser
Deleted data recovery
Live updates
Wide range of supported phones including most feature phones
Fine-tuned reports
Concurrent phone processing
Gives best result with other tools combination