Information Technology

Bhavi SQIT (Bhavi Service Quality Intelligence Tool)

The power of mobile computing and cloud computing comes together in a single IT tool to bring ease of reporting and data access for front line workers, and complement the ‘New Normal’ remote workplace requirements of your organization. The platform provides a Frontline Centric Automation Application designed to serve a dynamic cloud based database system and increase operational accountability within your company.

Application Features

There are multiple actions that assist various departments and/or processes in a company. Here are a few of the highlights which can help you bring ease of remote working for your organization.

Gathering Field Insights
Logging operational Data
Geolocation based Event Coordination
Training and Onboarding
Real-time Monitoring
Customer Connection
Firstline Engagements
Integration with Existing and Legacy System
Data Analytics and ease of Dashboarding

Salient Features

Intelligent Forms
help gather operation critical data from your project sites to your remote office with minimal effort.

Geotagged Attendance
gives the first line the ease of clocking in their work hours without conventional biometric based systems.

are the most commonly used action – send a message to entire groups and get responses through likes and comments.

are chat messages that assign tasks to an employee and track their progress status.Comments can be added by the admin or other group members and a notification is sent to the admin upon completion of the job.

There are four actions available regarding location, including location with photo that verifies colleagues and employees are in the places they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

Quick Polls & Surveys
are two fantastic ways to gather info from group members, customers, or suppliers. Easily send a question to the group and get their responses within chat.

Submit Bill
allows users to take a photo of an invoice and share it with details to a group or customer. Cloud Data Access allows operational data specific to your task available at your fingertip.